Prickly itch and asthma episode

I have only recently been dealing with asthma. I've had atopic dermatitis for years. I am a former smoker and came down with bronchitis, followed by a double shot of pneumonia shortly after quitting five months ago. I've been relying heavily on an albuterol inhaler ever since. I suffer from pretty frequent shortness of breath and use the inhaler about four times per day. I've noticed every time I start to have an episode, I get this really prickly hot itch on my neck, ears, face and scalp. It drives me insane. Once the shortness of breath subsides, the itch does too, although my skin remains hot to the touch for a while. I've tried looking this symptom up on the internet but have come up with nothing. I'm trying to determine if this is a normal symptom or not. Any feedback appreciated.

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