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Asthma Nutrition: Research Demonstrates the Benefits of an Asthma Diet

Asthma Nutrition

Your diet is a powerful tool which can help you to stay well if you have been diagnosed with asthma. An asthma diet avoids certain foods that are likely to worsen your symptoms, and includes others that can open up your airways, prevent infection, and improve your energy levels. Studies indicate that a vegan diet supports the health of the respiratory and immune systems. Researchers concluded that a meat and animal product free diet resulted in fewer...

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Video 5 Tips for Exercising With Asthma

5 Tips for Exercising With Asthma

We all know how important keeping healthy and being active is. Lynsey shares some tips with you on how to exercise if you have asthma.
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Asthma Triggers

Your Guide to Managing Asthma Triggers

Here you’ll find an extensive list of asthma triggers and an explanation of how to avoid them, and if that's not possible, how to decrease exposure to them.
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How Dangerous Is Smoking With Asthma?

How Dangerous Is Smoking With Asthma?

Smoking with asthma is a bad idea for many reasons. But don't feel overwhelmed — quitting smoking is possible and can be done!
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Diet for Asthma

How to Adjust Your Diet for Asthma Symptoms

When it comes to a diet for asthma there is no magic cure, but there are some tips and tricks that may help ease your asthma symptoms.
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Precautions to Take When Traveling With Asthma

Tips for Making Travel Safe, Enjoyable and Worry-Free With Asthma

Taking just a bit more time and attention to prepare now can bring a lot more comfort and enjoyment when you’re traveling with asthma.
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Coughing and Asthma

Top 10 NLO|Asthma Articles of 2015

A countdown of the top 10 NewLifeOutlook|Asthma articles of 2015.
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Living with Asthma

Helpful Lifestyle Changes to Improve Life With Asthma

It's important to stick to a healthy daily routine when living with asthma to keep symptoms from creeping into your daily life. Try these lifestyle changes.
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Asthma Nutrition

Research Demonstrates the Benefits of Nutrition for Asthmatics

When it comes to asthma nutrition, it's important to avoid foods likely to worsen symptoms, and include ones that open the airways & boost energy.
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Benefits of Vegetable Soup

Ensure Proper Asthma Nutrition With These Soup Ideas

Most likely if you have asthma, you are not eating enough vegetables, you can combat this by incorporating veggies in vegetable soup using these guidelines!
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Foods for Asthma

Building Your Body With Smoothies When You Have Asthma

To make the perfect smoothies for asthma include fresh fruits and vegetables along with nuts, seeds, healthy fats, dairy products and protein foods.
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