Yoga for Asthma
Patricia Bratianu
Patricia Bratianu
January 7, 2019
Yoga for asthma offers profound benefits for their health and well being. There are many different forms of yoga, the benefits depend on the chosen style.

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Humidity and Asthma

Does Humidity Make Asthma Worse?

Humidity and asthma are two things that don't mix well together. For people with asthma, high humidity usually make breathing worse.
by Rebecca Paciorek on August 17, 2018
Asthma Action Plan

What Is the Purpose of an Asthma Action Plan?

An asthma action plan is a series of actions that you (or a loved one/friend) can use to help manage your asthma when it gets out of control.
by Rebecca Paciorek on June 26, 2018
Asthma in the Spring

5 Tips to Help Manage Springtime Asthma Flares

Find out how to control asthma in the spring months, so you don’t have to worry about sneezing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.
by Rebecca Paciorek on May 14, 2018
Stress-Induced Asthma

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress-Related Asthma Attacks

Stress is a common trigger of asthma and to reduce stress-induced asthma attacks, you will need to learn how to manage stress.
by Josh Duvauchelle on March 13, 2018
Video Asthma and Cold Weather video

Tips for Coping With Asthma and Cold Weather

Some people with asthma may find that their symptoms become worse in the colder months. Lynsey shares her tips on how to cope with asthma and cold weather.
by Lynsey Chapman on November 24, 2017
Child With Asthma: A Parent's Guide to Caring for an Asthmatic Child

A Parent’s Guide to Caring for an Asthmatic Child

As a parent of a child with asthma, you want to protect them, which may leave you feeling helpless and frustrated by your lack of control.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on November 1, 2017
Asthma and Allergy Friendly

Asthma-Proofing Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

We don’t have control of our environments, but we do have control of our homes. Discover some easy ways to make your home asthma and allergy friendly!
by Krystina Ostermeyer on March 22, 2017
Cold Weather Asthma

Tips for Coping With Asthma During the Chilly Season

"As someone who enjoys winter sports, such as snowboarding and snowshoeing, I don’t let the cold air keep me inside," Krysti writes on cold weather asthma.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on October 18, 2016
Video How to Cope With Asthma Anxiety

How to Cope With Asthma Anxiety

Jackie Perkovic looks at how living with asthma can trigger anxiety, and shares her thoughts and tips for some ways to cope.
by Jackie Perkovic on June 15, 2016
Infographic asthma spoon theory infographic

Asthma and the Spoon Theory

If you live with chronic illness, explaining your condition can be tough. The spoon theory was created to do just that, and has since become so much more.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on March 7, 2016
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