10 Things Only People with Asthma Understand

Lynsey ChapmanLynsey Chapman
Jul 21, 2017

In this video, Lynsey is going to talk to you about things that only people living with asthma will understand.

10 Things Only People with Asthma Understand

  1. We can’t leave our house without making sure we’ve got our phone, keys, purse, and inhaler on us.
  2. Laughing is so dangerous and it usually results in us reaching for our blue inhaler.
  3. Breathing is not natural. We have to teach ourselves to breathe every day and remind ourselves how to do it. In through your nose, out through your mouth and 90% of the time, even I forget to do that.
  4. Fragrant shops and Lush are an absolute death trap. Do not go in there. Any sprays or strong smells are likely to stop us breathing, and we can’t even run out of the shop.
  5. Talking and running is an absolute no-go. I don’t think I’ve ran since I was 15 years-old and even though I ended sitting down after that.
  6. A nebulizer turns us into a dragon. No seriously, it does. The smoke that comes out of that thing makes you feel like you’re a real life dragon.
  7. We hold our blue inhalers up to our ears and shake it to make sure there’s enough powder in it to make us breathe before we take it.
  8. Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks’ song No Air is the soundtrack to our lives. ♫ Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air. ♫
  9. Going on a roller coaster doesn’t spark fear of death, breathing on that roller coaster is the thing that does it.
  10. When it comes to bedtime, our lungs decide to fail. So we wake up in the night gasping for air, trying to search for our inhaler in pitch black darkness and try not to panic.

Asthma isn’t fun and for those of us who suffer with it know it. However, it’s quite nice that we’ve got our little club and we all understand what each other is going through.

If you do want to talk about your asthma, just to rant to someone who understands, pop in the comments down below and I myself will be sure to look through and get back to you as soon as I can.

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